What if Ranking and Geography were all that mattered?

This interactive page (drag and drop teams to change their rank) will show you where teams would be placed if net rankings and *straight line distance were the only things that matter. The NCAA basketball tournament has eight 1st/2nd round sites, and each site has two "pods" which may feed into any regional site. The best teams are given sites based on what is geographically close. Once each site has been filled by two top teams no other top 16 team can be placed there. Also, top teams 1st and 2nd round matchups are placed into the same site pod.

The best team is matched up with the worst team, and the rest of the matchups are likewise matched up to have an equal overall rank. The ranks of the first round matchups each add up to exactly 65, and (assuming all the better seeded teams advance) the ranks of the second round matchups add up to 33.
For example, one pod would be: #1 vs #64 and #32 vs #33.
Another pod would be #16 vs #49 and #17 vs #48.

*The following schools are hosting sites and inelegible to play at home: